Written testimonials are often oversimplified, corny, and biased, so if you aren't sure if our personal training program is right for you, many of our past and current clients would be happy to talk with you about their experience.

But, for those of you who enjoy the testimonial section, here's what a few of our clients have to say about In-Home Fitness:

"J" Female, Age 34:
"Mindy has helped me lose over 50 pounds in one year! I haven't felt this great in a long time. Thanks, Mindy!"

"C" Male, Age 40:
"My wife and I started using Mindy's services a little over three months ago. Her flexibility exercises and stretching techniques have certainly helped me excel in my kickboxing career."

"M" and "L" Couple, Ages 72 and 76:
"Mindy starts our day with a smile on her face and leaves us feeling great. She knows exactly what she's doing and if she can help us, she can help anyone!"

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