In-Home Fitness was founded by Mindy Runyon in 2006. She believed (and still does) that anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals should be able to do so regardless of their current fitness level and access to a gym. The personal and professional work experience of our trainers allows us to help you set, meet, and surpass your goals!

We bring more than just a workout routine into your home. We take your goals as serious as our own and strive to make your experience as rewarding as possible. You don't need stacks of weights and rooms full of exercise equipment to reach your goals. But, if you have them, we'll show you techniques to use them better.

Instead, we focus on natural body resistance and stabilation using handheld weights or weight bars and stability balls. Increasing flexibility through numerous stretching techniques prevents injury and increases your range of motion, which ultimately results in highly effective calorie-buring, muscle-toning workouts.


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